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Organic Societies

Farmers’ Profile

Coffee farmers in Kilimanjaro are characterized as progressive farmers. They acquired the title from coffee farming returns. From coffee most farmers have made a progress in their community. Many have put up houses with corrugated iron sheet roofing with cement blocks. Traditional houses made from banana fronds are almost extinct. Education to coffee farmers, to his /her children carried first priority over possible uses of coffee income.

That is why majority of coffee farmers and their children can read and write. Accessibility in the villages is relatively good compared to other regions; however to some areas it is difficult during rainy season. Local governments in collaboration with the villagers are putting up efforts to make these roads passable throughout the year.

Fair Labeling Organization (FLO)

Production of Arabica coffee started in the Kilimanjaro region in 1900. It peaked during the mid 1970s to 27,000 tons but has since declined to 12,000 tons or less. Kilimanjaro Arabica tends to fall into the category of what is commonly known within the industry as East African mild.

The production of coffee on the mountain was conducted organically by-default up until the mid-1960s, when chemicals were introduced. Since then most coffee growers applied chemicals to their coffee.

In the nineties this situation changed, due to liberalization farmers were not supplied with inputs any more, prices went down and the coffee farmers also did not manage to purchase various inputs including chemicals. This led majority not to use chemicals for about 10 years now.

Organic Societies

We are have 9 operating Organic coffee cooperative Societies :Mrimbo Uuwo Cooperative Society, Marangu East Cooperative Society, Marangu West Cooperative Society,Kirua Vunjo North Cooperative Society, Kirua East Cooperative Society, Mbokomu cooperative Society Uru Njari Cooperative Society, UruShimbwe Cooperative Society and Masama Saawe cooperative Society (Mwika Kinyamvuo and Mamba North are no longer organic certified as organic).